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We help you price live events.

A proprietary, auction-based platform to discover consumer interest in a particular event.

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What is

OneWeek helps venues, artists, and promoters optimize ticket pricing.

We use a unique auction design that is fan-friendly and reduces secondary market incentives.

Sealed-bid Auctions

We run 7 auctions over 7 days, allowing fans to bid on day one and have seven opportunities to get a ticket, with 1/7th of tickets sold each day.

Price Discovery

Fans bid the amount they think is reasonable and fair for the event, which helps you determine what the market will bear for a specific event.

Supports Artists

The auction reduces the upside for the secondary market and fans can trust that they are supporting artists directly.

Concert and Fan Club Tickets

Before an event goes on sale, allocate a portion of tickets to your OneWeek auction. After seven days of auctions, our algorithms will help you determine the optimal face value for the remaining tickets.

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Festival VIP and GA Tickets

When dealing with high-demand, high-volume events, like festivals, the OneWeek auction allows you to optimize all or a portion of available tickets based on actual consumer demand.

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Season Tickets & Fundraisers

When supply is limited, the OneWeek auction model can ensure that you aren’t under-pricing high-demand events or season tickets, by allowing consumers to define what they think is reasonable.

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How does OneWeek work?


Allocate a percentage of available tickets to your OneWeek auction.


Each day, for seven days, 1/7th of the allocated tickets are auctioned off.

03Fans bid

Fans bid, and are automatically in each day’s auction, until they win a ticket or modify their bid.


On day 8, OneWeek will present you with a market-equalized optimum ticket price, which can be used for the remaining face value ticket sales.

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