OneWeek Tickets is shutdown 👋
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What we learned

OneWeek Tickets is now shutdown but we learned a lot and are as inspired as ever that something needs to change in the ticketing industry.

I am writing to update you that after one year of pursuing an alternative price discovery model for live event tickets, we have decided to shut down OneWeek Tickets.

Though we had lots of support and encouragement along the way from industry experts, artists, agents, promoters, tour crew, and investors, in the end we fell short of capturing any substantive business with which we could prove that our model is one that could challenge the status quo.

Clearly something needs to change in the ticketing space, but at this time, OneWeek Tickets is not the solution that the market seeks. Perhaps one day, if not us, then someone will crack this problem.

Even John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, covered the topic a few weeks ago of how secondary market exchanges lead to unfair ticket pricing which disadvantages artists, promoters, and fans alike.

A big thanks to all of the artists, promoters, and fans who have supported us in this journey. We are grateful for the support and encouragement that we have received.